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Enroll as a Shift Network Promotional Partner (Affiliate)

stephen-dinan-founder-tsn-use-thisIf you are a thought leader, influencer, conscious entrepreneur or an individual committed to co-creating a more enlightened society – one built on the principles of peace, sustainability, health and prosperity – then I cordially invite you to join us and our commitment to this mission as a Shift Network Referral Partner.

As a Referral Partner for The Shift Network, you will be able to share cutting edge programs with the world’s top spiritual teachers and luminaries, actively serving your community by sharing high-value, FREE content with them, all while creating income for you or your business!

Our Referral Partners are rewarded generously for simply introducing new people to any one of our free events, when those who have been referred according to the terms in the Agreement (linked below) choose to become customers of The Shift Network. Each week, we introduce at least one new free event, under a variety of categories including:

  • Spirituality & Wisdom Traditions
  • Shamanism
  • Peace Building
  • Relationships & Parenting
  • Personal Growth & Psychology
  • Social Impact, Green & Philantropy
  • Holistic Health & Wellness
  • And many others!

One or several of our categories is sure to be a perfect fit for your community!

And it’s so easy! We will provide you with everything you need to promote The Shift Network’s free events to your community and networks, and when anyone you’ve referred purchase the courses, trainings, or membership programs (see Products in the agreement for fuller description) that follows, you’ll receive a commission.


Your Personal Information
Your Company Information

Payee & Payment InformationIf you file a United States tax return you MUST provide a Social Security Number (SSN), if we are paying you as an individual, or an Employer Identification Number (EIN), if we are paying your company.
No exceptions.

Your data is submitted via an encrypted, SSL secured channel.

If you or your company are NOT required to file a United States tax return, please enter “Non-US” in the field below.

Please follow the correct formatting including dashes:

Correct formatting for SSN is: 123-45-6789

Correct formatting for EIN is: 12-3456789

**Note: All affiliate applications are reviewed. Intentionally misrepresenting this information could result in a delay or forfeiture of commission payment.

Choose the 1099 Type below that matches the information you have provided in the SSN or EIN field above. If we are paying your business and you have provided an EIN, please choose Corporation (C or S), LLC or Registered Non-Profit. If you entered your SSN above, please choose Individual. If you entered Non-US, choose Non-US.

Per The Shift Network Affiliate Agreement, ALL commission payments are made through PayPal and are issued when commissions earned total $100.00 or greater.

The Shift Network covers all PayPal fees. You will receive your full commission with no deductions.

Note: We do NOT accept “PayPal.me” as the PayPal email address. Please enter your actual email address you used to set up your PayPal account.

Additional Information for Courses
(Optional) If you are enrolling because you have been invited to promote a specific, upcoming course, please enter the first and last name of the person who is teaching the course in the field below. (Note: unless you are the course instructor, do not enter your own name.)
Additional Option for Summit Speakers and Summit Promotional Co-Sponsors

By submitting this application you affirm that you have Read and Agree to The Shift Network Affiliate Terms and Conditions linked below. **Please Note: Per the Terms linked below, no affiliate may use their affiliate link to purchase products for their own use.

Please CLICK HERE to read our Referral Partner (Affiliate) Agreement.